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Moving out of state or relocating locally? No matter how far you’re going, moving costs can add up quickly—but using free or cheap moving boxes in Sacramento is a great way to cut your expenses. Use this helpful guide to find budget-friendly moving boxes near you!

  • Should You Buy or Get Free Moving Boxes?
  • Where to Get Free Moving Boxes in Sacramento
  • Where to Buy Cheap Moving Boxes in Sacramento
  • Where to Recycle Moving Boxes in Sacramento

Should You Buy or Get Free Moving Boxes?

Before moving, you can either buy boxes or find free, used boxes for moving near you, but which option comes with more benefits?

Purchasing moving boxes is the more straightforward choice because it takes less time and energy. This may be the better option if you’re moving in a hurry. You also get high quality and uniformity with new boxes, which makes stacking and packing moving boxes easier. Plus, you can easily find specific box sizes and types tailored to your needs.

Used, free moving boxes, however, can significantly reduce your overall moving expenses. This option also minimizes waste, making your move more sustainable. If you’re not leaving on short notice, this might be the better route for moving on a budget.

Where to Get Free Moving Boxes in Sacramento

Online exchanges, recycling centers, and local liquor stores are some of the best places to get moving boxes in Sacramento for free. Here are more places you can find free moving boxes in your area.

Online Exchanges in Sacramento

Check for free moving supplies online! Ask around on social media to get free boxes from friends and family who have extras. Search online exchanges like Facebook Marketplace Sacramento, Sacramento’s “Buy, Sell, Trade” Group, Nextdoor Sacramento, Sacramento Reddit, and Craigslist Sacramento to find listings of cheap cardboard boxes or free cardboard boxes for moving. Another great place to check online is the Sacramento U-Haul Box Exchange, where community members can list cheap moving supplies and find moving boxes for free. When meeting up with people you’ve connected with online, stay safe by informing someone of your plans, bringing a friend, or meeting in public spaces during the day.

Liquor Stores in Sacramento

In your search for free cardboard boxes, stop in to nearby Sacramento liquor stores! Liquor store boxes are heavy-duty and can come with built-in dividers, making them ideal moving boxes for transporting glass and other fragile items. Total Wine & More, J Street Liquor, and Tower Liquor are a few liquor stores in Sacramento that may offer free, used cardboard boxes. Give them a call to see if they could save boxes for you!

Grocery Stores in Sacramento

Grocery stores are some of the best places to get moving boxes because they’re usually sturdy and resistant to minor impacts. Contact Grocery Outlet, Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, and other local grocery stores to ask if they have boxes available or can set some aside for you. If you do get moving boxes from grocery stores, you’ll want to inspect them for any signs of pests, food particles, and stains to ensure they are clean and safe to pack your items. You may also want to avoid using banana boxes because their large, circular holes could allow your valuables to slip through.

Recycling Centers & Dumpsters in Sacramento

Sometimes, Sacramento recycling centers offer free moving boxes. GreenWaste Florin Perkins Resource Recovery Facility, L & D Landfill, and the Sacramento Recycling & Transfer Station are local centers you can ask for free cardboard. Call in advance to make sure they have used moving boxes for free. Before taking boxes home, check their structural integrity and signs of stains or pests. Recycled boxes are typically flattened, so keep in mind you may need to tape them up for added reinforcement.

Other Stores & Retailers in Sacramento

Large retail stores and bookstores are more convenient places to find free cardboard boxes for moving. These locations typically receive large shipments of inventory that come in sturdy boxes. Stores like Old Navy, HomeGoods, Time Tested Books, and Capital Books on K are great stores to check for free, used moving boxes in Sacramento.

Where to Buy Cheap Moving Boxes in Sacramento

There are plenty of places where you can buy low-price moving boxes in Sacramento, including local moving stores, national retailers, and nearby self storage facilities. In Sactown, you’ll be able to choose from moving boxes of all sizes—with small boxes starting at $1.00 and large boxes selling for up to $8.00.


One of the cheapest places to get moving boxes in Sacramento is Walmart! Walmart’s moving boxes range in size from 17x11x13 at $1.00 to 24x16x19 at $2.10. There are five Walmarts in Sacramento that sell moving boxes. You can also find other packing supplies from Walmart like bubble wrap, tape, and moving equipment like dollies and furniture sliders.

Home Depot

The large selection of moving boxes at Home Depot is available from 17x11x11 at $1.38 to 24x20x21 at $3.48. There are six Home Depots in the Sacramento area that sell moving boxes. While you’re there, stock up on extra moving supplies at Home Depot, too, like packing tape, moving blankets, bubble wrap, and moving kits.


Need heavy duty moving boxes? Then the Lowe’s near Sacramento is for you! Depending on size, you can expect to spend anywhere from $1.38 to $3.48 per Lowe’s moving box. Choose from sizes 16x12x12 to 22×21.5×22 at this hardware store. And you can purchase moving supplies at Lowe’s like packing paper, moving straps, and furniture sliders.

Extra Space Storage

Find reliable moving supplies at Extra Space Storage in Sacramento. Visit one of 11 Extra Space Storage locations in Sacramento to buy cheap moving boxes in sizes 16.625×12.5×12.5 at $3.29 to 24x18x24 at $6.99. If you also need file boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, tie downs, protection kits, and other inexpensive packing supplies, Extra Space Storage has what you need!

Happy Home Moving

Available in sizes from 16x12x12 to 24x18x18, the moving boxes at Happy Home Moving cost between $4.00 and $8.00 per box. There is one Happy Home Moving location in Sacramento that sells moving boxes. Happy Home Moving also sells other moving supplies like shrink wrap, wrapping paper, wardrobe boxes, and bubble wrap.

Where to Recycle Moving Boxes in Sacramento

Done moving? Before adjusting to your new city, it’s time to get rid of your cardboard boxes and settle into your new home! You can recycle moving boxes in Sacramento at recycling facilities like Green Evolution Recycling, Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station, and Willis Recycling. Or sell or donate your moving boxes through local online exchanges like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even Reddit.

Green Evolution Recycling

Green Evolution Recycling accepts cardboard moving boxes, plus other moving supplies like mixed paper and bubble wrap. To follow their drop-off process, you’ll simply bundle your materials, check in, attach your bundle to a hook on a post, and drive forward for staff to collect your items. Their hours are typically 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 12 p.m on Saturday. Find Green Evolution Recycling at 4800 Florin Perkins Rd.

Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station

Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station accepts cardboard moving boxes and recyclable plastics. To recycle your moving supplies here, you’ll head to the scale, follow load checkers to the dumping spot, then re-weigh your vehicle and pay the dump fee. You can usually visit Sierra Waste Recycling & Transfer Station at 8260 Berry Ave between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on all days of the week.

Willis Recycling

Willis Recycling accepts cardboard moving boxes, as well as other moving supplies like packing paper. Book online or call ahead to schedule pick-up services at your convenience. Typically, this recycling center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


Check out our moving supplies guide to see what you can pick up in store at facilities in Sacramento.

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Where to Get Free & Cheap Moving Boxes in Sacramento | Extra Space Storage (2024)
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