The Best Restaurants In Luxembourg City (2024)

Luxembourg City’s restaurant scene is like its multicultural community – a deliciously eclectic mix of flavours and cultures. While the French and Luxembourg influences on the city’s cuisine are indisputable, the capital also boasts an array of top-tier restaurants that serve dishes from around the world.

From fine-dining and Michelin-star restaurants to local haunts, Culture Trip’s list of the best restaurants in Luxembourg City will ensure you eat well on a trip to the Grand Duchy. As Arnaud Magnier, owner and chef at Luxembourg restaurant Clairefontaine, says: “Whether it’s a classical French restaurant or an Asian fusion hotspot, the best meals in Luxembourg are those prepared with fresh ingredients and shared with great company.”

1. Restaurant Le Sud

Restaurant, French

The Best Restaurants In Luxembourg City (1)

Nestled in Luxembourg’s trendy Clausen neighbourhood and close to the old city centre, Le Sud is a high-end French and Luxembourg-style restaurant where customers can dine in the elegant ground-level restaurant or enjoy impressive panoramas across the city from the terrace, which is accessible by a glass lift. The menu at Le Sud is relatively compact, but no matter what you choose, every dish comes beautifully prepared with the utmost attention to detail. Try its signature pigeonneau de Monsieur Thierry Laurent (stuffed and crusted squab with truffle mashed potatoes) or truffle risotto with a local Mosel wine or Clausel beer, which is brewed right next door.

2. Restaurant Clairefontaine

Restaurant, French, European, Vegan

The Best Restaurants In Luxembourg City (2)

Something of an institution in Luxembourg, Restaurant Clairefontaine is a top-rated French dining establishment situated in the upper part of the city. The perfect choice for special occasions and celebratory dinners, the restaurant offers a gourmet French menu with a range of fresh, locally sourced dishes, including its signature poularde de bresse or chicken baked with truffle under the skin and served with foie gras purée. Owner-chef Arnaud Magnier explains: “We strive every day to satisfy the desires of our customers by using high-quality, local ingredients.” The restaurant’s recent renovation has added a touch of modernity to the timelessly elegant French decor.

3. Um Plateau

Restaurant, French

The Best Restaurants In Luxembourg City (3)

For a superb, quality meal in a smart and intimate atmosphere, Um Plateau is the place to go. Enjoy the delightful French cuisine served in the refined and comfortable interior, or grab a spot on its outdoor terrace in the summer months, which is something of a find in Luxembourg City. Um Plateau’s menu changes weekly, so check its website before you go. Dishes can range from chef-style beef tartare on grilled bone marrow to red tuna ceviche with papaya, lemongrass and coconut milk. Be sure to make a reservation for dinner as the restaurant is one of the top spots in the city and can fill up quickly.

4. Kamakura

Restaurant, Japanese, Sushi, Asian

A favourite among Luxembourg residents, Kamakura is often referred to as the city’s top Japanese restaurant. Located in the quaint Grund area and just a stone’s throw from the picturesque Alzette River, Kamakura serves a wide variety of both traditional and innovative fusion dishes. Offering everything from sushi and tempura to fresh fish and meat recipes, the chefs at Kamakura pay special attention to detail, beautifully plating every dish. Not sure what to order? Try its tasting menu and enjoy a mix of its top dishes, which include traditional miso soup, grilled wagyu beef steak and an assortment of sushi and sashimi.

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The Best Restaurants In Luxembourg City (5)

5. Le Bouquet Garni

Restaurant, French, European, Vegetarian

Delighting your senses with every bite, Le Bouquet Garni, which is headed up by Michelin-star chef Thierry Duhr, is one of Luxembourg City’s top French restaurants. With attention to quality and freshness, Duhr and his team only use seasonal vegetables and the finest cuts of meat and fish to create their imaginative European dishes. Examples include roasted veal meatballs with truffle butter and duck breast in hazelnut sauce. The restaurant lies inside an 18th-century home within the heart of the historical city centre and steps away from the Grand Ducal Palace. The exposed stone and period fireplace create a welcoming atmosphere, helping to ensure both the meal and the evening are memorable.

6. ELA Greek Cuisine

Restaurant, Greek

One of Luxembourg’s newest and most popular Greek and Mediterranean restaurants, ELA is located in Kirchberg, the city’s business district. Offering a range of fusion delights, ELA also serves several vegetarian and vegan dishes. Be sure to try the lamb kleftiko, eggplant moussaka, meze platter or the tuna steak, or stop in for a drink and one of its many appetisers. The decor is both inviting and cosy, with wooden tables and fresh flowers throughout – the perfect complement to a delicious meal. The portions are generous, so consider choosing a few dishes to share among your table.

7. Snooze Sportsbar

Bar, Restaurant, American

Located in the heart of the city centre, Snooze Sportsbar is the go-to spot for hamburgers in Luxembourg. Its outdoor terrace lies in the pedestrian area of the city, making it an excellent place for people-watching right in the middle of the action. The bar also boasts an impressive drinks menu with more than 30 beers. Snooze offers gluten-free hamburger buns and four different veggie burgers, and the flexible menu means you’ll be able to create your perfect burger combination – with toppings such as eggs, guacamole, fried onions, parmesan cheese chips and chilli mayonnaise, to name a few.

8. Orchidée

Restaurant, Indian, Asian, Bangladeshi

An authentic Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant located in Luxembourg City’s Bonnevoie neighbourhood, Orchidée is the place to go for a bit of spice in the city. One of the few restaurants in Luxembourg City open on Sundays, Orchidée is a great place to eat together with family and friends at the weekend. For the full experience, order a few tasty dishes to share, such as the green-chilli-based chicken curry, lamb bhuna, seekh kebab and palak paneer. In addition to meat, the restaurant serves a range of flavour-packed vegetarian dishes. Like things spicy? Most of the recipes can be made more or less hot, depending on your preference.

9. Frida Mexican Cantina

Restaurant, Mexican

When searching for Mexican cuisine in Luxembourg City, look no further than Frida Mexican Cantina. From guacamole and pico de gallo to fajitas and burritos, each item on the menu is freshly prepared by the chefs, who hail from Oaxaca and use authentic recipes. Be sure to pair your meal with a Mexican cerveza (beer) or sangria. The atmosphere reflects Mexico itself, too; the music is lively, the decor colourful and the staff friendly. Located right next door to the local concert hall, Frida is the perfect start to any evening.


Restaurant, French, European, Contemporary

Located above SMETS, a designer clothing store with art exhibitions, TWO6TWO is a unique concept that marries food, art and fashion into one contemporary lounge-style French and Luxembourg restaurant with a hyper-modern interior. Featured in the Michelin and Gault et Millau guides for its eclectic take on culinary classics, TWO6TWO prides itself on creating bold and delicious meals served in a bright and well-designed atmosphere. Don’t pass up the opportunity to try the faux filet maturé (aged sirloin) when it’s on the menu, or opt for the menu du marché to select two or three courses of your choosing, which might include a fried egg with local mushrooms, cod in shellfish broth with lemongrass, and red fruit sorbet for dessert.

This article is an updated version of a story originally created by Chloe Hay.

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The Best Restaurants In Luxembourg City (2024)


What is the most popular food in Luxembourg? ›

Perhaps the most traditional of all Luxembourg meat dishes is Judd mat Gaardebounen, smoked collar of pork with broad beans. The pork is soaked overnight, then boiled with vegetables and spices. Served in copious slices together with the beans and boiled potatoes, it is considered to be the national dish of Luxembourg.

What do they eat for breakfast in Luxembourg? ›

Breakfasts in Luxembourg usually consist of a croissant or another baked good, a boiled egg or cereals, and coffee.

What is Luxembourg's national dish? ›

Some say that Judd mat Gaardebounen is the national food of Luxembourg. The hefty and heart-warming dish consists of smoked and salted pork (Judd) with broad beans (Gaardebounen).

How much is a meal in Luxembourg? ›

Food prices in Luxembourg

The average cost of an ordinary meal in a restaurant is 18 euros, and a coffee 3.7 euros. A small bottle of water costs an average of 2.8 euros and a draught beer 5 euros.

What is Luxembourg mostly known for? ›

Luxembourg city is also one of the capitals of the European Union (EU) and, as such, is home to the European Court of Justice; the European Investment Bank, which enjoys decision-making independence within the EU's institutional system; and several major EU administrative offices.

What animal is Luxembourg known for? ›

6 - the national bird of Luxembourg is the Goldcrest

Everybody knows our national animal is the red lion.

What food to bring from Luxembourg? ›

Cheese. Bring a taste of Luxembourg home with artisanal cheeses. Local varieties like Gromperekichelcher and Cancoillotte offer a unique flavor profile.

Do you tip waiters in Luxembourg? ›

Tips. Unlike the United States, tips in restaurants, cafés and bars are not obligatory in Luxembourg. Tips are a bonus for waiters and waitresses. Not tipping does not necessarily mean that you were not satisfied with the food or service you received.

Do they speak English in Luxembourg? ›

There are three official languages in the country: Luxembourgish, French and German. English is very common, as is Portuguese, the mother tongue of approximately 20% of the population.

Do you need cash in Luxembourg? ›

Visiting Luxembourg City for a few days. Is it predominantly cashless or am I ok paying my way with cash? No problem if you want to pay cash, but even small amounts (normaly more than 5 Euros) can be paid by cc/or using your "wallet"/smart phone. Good news for you = for public transport you don't have to pay!

What product is Luxembourg known for? ›

Herbs, teas, oils and cereals 'Vum Séi', cider, flour and honey enjoy an excellent reputation, as do many other regional specialities. Many restaurants also offer popular local produce on their menus and typical dishes unique to Luxembourg.

What is the food supply of Luxembourg? ›

In terms of food self-supply ratio, Luxembourg produces 114% of its beef needs, 99% of milk, 67% of pork, but only 35% of eggs, 3-5 % of vegetables, 1.4 % of chicken and < 1% of fruit. In the transformation sector, the vast majority of goods are imported. Though this is changing, it falls short of national demand.

Why is food so expensive in Luxembourg? ›

Reasons for the continued food price increases are manifold, ranging from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine and the droughts in summer this year. Prices of flour, cereals, pasta, and couscous rose by almost 18% in the last twelve months, the same goes for whole milk, which went up by 16%.

What is Luxembourg's traditional clothing? ›

3) Luxembourg traditional costume of men is blue smocks and dark trousers colourfully accented by the ribbons and pompoms they wear. Women wear a red and white dread with colorful ribbon as well.

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