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and so packed with the boulevard and republic, a venezuela, venezuela, with the greatest known oil reserves in the world, just celebrated independence day. despite being targeted by major nations with cruise, sanction starvation and terrorism for refusing to be a washington vessel states. later this month it faces the presidential elections. meanwhile, the us state department might in supporting a proxy war through ukraine and genocide in gaza. it may be the dying days of the biden. the regime has just announced it will participate in talks the day after tomorrow with president mate doors, governments in venezuela, in the new book, corporate qu, venezuela, and the end of us and by the grace owns on your power bill drawers on our own investigations and revelations, from julia, massages wiki leaks, and yet joins me now from northern virginia. tiny, a thank so much for coming on going underground. finally, i'm not sure whether you'd be known before an amazing book. and before we get onto the brilliant book that everyone needs to read, even if they're not interested in venezuela, we have julian hassan, his brother, gabriel,

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shipped an ongoing undergrad on south today's episode. you'll book references wikileaks, many times epic or office from julian. why have you told gabriel shipped in that you didn't expect julian teramy extradited to virginia way if you've just moved here. yes, i did actually see him about i guess almost 2 months ago when he was meeting with us officials hoping to get some sort of deal through which fortunately came, came to live, came to fruition in the last few weeks and told him that deep down in my heart, i didn't believe the us political class, the elite that has been split between wanting to drone bomb or, or carry out dry out this persecution of assigned. and, and the fear that actually bringing him here would ignite even more of a pro free speech. and pro assigned to movement in the united states. i know that

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people like yourself and high profile journalists all across the world have acted as a boys for assigned and an advocate for him during this time. but from the perspective of the us citizen, what i witnessed over the last years as he languished and bell mars what were, was, was the emergence of the movement of just the average us people all across, mainly in new york and washington who would to make their presence known as powerful institutions, such as the biden justice department, or the trump justice department for that matter. camping outside of the d o. j, i think it was 2 or 3 years ago. they actually had a birthday party for julian outside and said that we're here cutting cake and it has the honor to tell them us justice department that we have a constitution here. we have a 1st amendment rights to free speech, and i know people also in new york who every thursday uh,

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a bernadette and chuck these activists would actually go to the new york times office and pass out flyers about as long as case put pressure on, on on the journal is that actually depend on his constitution in this right to free speech to do their own work and to make the case that the continued persecution of designs would be damaging to them as well. and i, i do believe that if, as long as came here, it would not only invigorate that group which would have a presence outside of the prison in his court room and ultimately gain media attention. i do believe that if the actual step of taking him bringing him here to the united states had, had occurred, that it would force even the main stream pundits and mainstream newspapers to begin a discussion about free speech and our rights are constitutional rights in this country. but frankly, i don't think the political establishment were prepared for. they would much rather i think, prolonged his imprisonment in bel large for as,

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as long as they could. and, and let that be the punishment because they might have to deal with their own public. if, if that trial were to have actually gone through. yeah, you mentioned drone boom. of course they did get close though to killing the julian . as on the ca, the u. k. the new york times, arguably that's what niels mailed, so the you in special were up to and georgia to all the program. they were collaborated with cnn. and the guardian in this, of course the, you are, the grades are and the founder of the ways are max told us it's being targeted. so what does the assange case mean and the deal he made to save his life mean for you and your sources at the grace of as the president that is guilty please. that is definitely concerning for any journalist. because what, what julian did is something that all journalists do collect information from sources and ask for more. so it is not something that i expect to though to have

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a chilling effect in the work that we do. because if anything and julia's example has only served to make all of us stronger, he's, he's such an inspiration for me personally. that's why i put that f a graph in the book that quote from his. if wars can be started by live, peace can be started by truth. and i think that that is the the mentality and at that all journalists should have and that that's the symbol that he's come to represent through his persecution and that journalist like myself, max erin kit, wyatt, others at the gray zone and all throughout the united states. look to julian and look to what you weeks as an example, look to with the leaks of a source. something that i just want to emphasize is that many of the report it, much of the reporting in my book, dependent on wiki weeks files. for example, the n g o unit, the, the global network run by

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o 4 and the national endowment for democracy. these groups that kind of create seemingly grass roots, organizations that are actually products for the us state department and, and redeem change act as redeem change outfits. worldwide, we know about the inner workings of those groups because of what you weeks because of the state department cables because of the strat for leaks that describe these activists, including those and venezuela that are dealt with in my book and basically running around the world and over throwing governments that the us does it like, and those are direct quotes that we, we may have known that to be true just from a report a and, and what we suspected to be true about these groups, but we have quotes and hard evidence of so much because of what we do is provided us years ago. it's really a true and a gift that keeps on giving we can do with that. here in the book,

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you compare julian's assassination be attempted assassinations on union as, as to the case of alex sub. just tell us who alex is. i understand. in the past few weeks, he's been appointed to mentor events, way president debit or as a investment um ministry. yes, alec stop is a venezuelan diplomat, his colombian born. but early on in the 2 of these, the revolution while the rest of columbia is business sector was boycotting. but as we lay essentially, he saw an opportunity and became very close to the government. and ultimately ended up winning major contracts to build public housing in venezuela. and then also to provide supplies for the flat food program. this is a program that i witnessed firsthand and venezuela. and it's really something that's credited with having curb to the effects of us sanctions at the height of us sanctions, or the sex of the obama administration's national security declaration saying that

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venezuela was a national security threat. sorry to interrupt obama tried to stop the population of venezuela millions, tens of millions of people after i get killed. because that act, that decision immediately cut the venezuelan private sector and stayed off from international credit lines and made it very difficult for international shipping companies to go to then as we left. so there were incredible shortages. people were starving at that time. and so the government actually initiated a program to deliver subsidized food and housing supplies to millions of families across the country and attacked alex of this business man with when a, with, with traveling around the world to turkey and elsewhere, to supply products for these, for these boxes i've seen, for example, turkish pasta and oil cooking oil arrive and these boxes at the homes. and then as well as when i was staying there. and according to an opposition allied economists

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that i cite in the book, this program really prevented mass fannan and starvation and venezuela. it was a direct and intervention in the economy that the material government made in order to basically mitigate the effects and thinking in this hybrid economic war. and so the united states was not very happy with alex up in this program. they, they, elliot abrams, the trunk, venezuela envoy would basically criticize it as an oil for food program or a bribery program to get venezuelans to, to vote for the matter of government and lead abrams of war, criminal in el salvador foothill bill, missouri. and may i ask a yes indeed who and, and the main character and the iran contra affair, who for some reason ended up running both venezuela and iran policy for trump. not the best candidate for that job, but i guess it also revealed the criminal nature of the us, deep state through his,

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through his presence and administration. but so as part of their war on the venezuelan people and effort to star them, the us government eventually cooked up a case, an indictment against alex sob just as they did with julia sonjee. remember, his indictment was kept secret until he was actually in custody. where he could be transferred to the united states and that's what happened with alex on. he was on a triple one day to iran and stopped to fuel his plane and k birthday on the african coast, the west african coast and, and of all because the us and my phone, peo, trump, secretary of state writes about this in his memoir, had gotten an idea of word that that solved was going to be landing there. they immediately pressure the government in prya in the capital k birthday to arrest

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alex saba. even though there was no indictment that he was aware of, there was not even an inter pull warrant, in fact the african, the echo was for the court of the region of the west after ultimately determined that the inter, full red notice that was used in order to justify his arrest was actually issued after his detention. so the reason that this case compares to julian's is because not only is this an example of the united states keeping an indictment secret and then the pounds being on a subject once they saw the opportunity. but more so, more importantly, it shows that the us security stain use extras that sticks in applying to the entire planet. you know, there's actually not even in there was not an existing extradition treaty between the united states and k birthday, but through pressure including outright bribery such as a signing, multi $1000000.00 investment in economic investment packages with the government

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and keep bare and, and also investing millions of dollars and a revamp of the u. s. embassy in the capital there, the government ultimately agreed to extradite a sob to the united states. and he did spend a little over a year about a year and a half in miami present, sell awaiting trial. but once they got him here, most of the money laundering charges that they, that they had initially set against him were thrown out in the case ultimately fell apart and and, and sob was treated and a prisoner swap. and now he's back in venezuela and guess wasted no time getting back to work. but it was a lesson because not only should the international law in the sense that the us jurisdiction doesn't apply to keep there. they can just go in there and arrest somebody where us authorities don't technically have, have a jurisdiction. but it shows that even diplomatic immunity went out the door when

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it comes that when it, when it serves united states because alex thought was a diplomat. so even if he was guilty of the crimes that they alleged, they had no authority, no right to go after him in the way they did just as they had no right. to go after julius on your paper bill, i'll stop you. the rule from the grades on journalist and, or through the corporate group and as well or in the end of us empire. after this break, the lease of russian states never saw one of the most sense community best english. all sense of the, in the 65 let's be the one else calls question about this, even though we will then in the european union,

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the kremlin mission, the state on the russians cruising and supports the r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all the band on youtube tv services for what question did you say from stephen closer to the hello and welcome to the cost of full horses? here we discuss the wheel in the are welcome back to going on the right, and i'm still here with the razors on your power and below was, are a corporate to venezuela and the end of us m. and your input one. you were telling me about trump officials. some of them are accused of

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a ating genocide in their previous incarnations, in previous administrations of all of a stone roger waters. they induced your book, tucker carlson, endorsed your book. you talk about how you were on his fox news show, and donald trump watched that episode of tucker costs, and will you explain what was really going on with the secret state deep states actions under the trump administration against venezuela? do you think good trump too, if he's elected in the november, will understand that he was being used to destroy venezuela? for, for other reasons. i think that trump's instincts on on venezuelan madero are actually correct based on what i read in the memoirs of trump, administrating officials, particularly john bolton writes about how trump on multiple occasions would ask to meet with president monroe and resolve the problem. the crisis with ben is we let directly, and that he was actually skeptical about one why to didn't want to issue the

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initial recognition of white. oh, is president under his name, but was ultimately convinced to do so by mike pence, who held a phone call with guido the night before and was apparently taken by him. and bolton, for whatever reason was present for that phone call and really driving this to policy. but bolden complains that trunk kind of just wanted to settle this and he kind of saw monroe eventually sama dura was acting as a tough cookie. those were the words that the washington post, i believe put out there around the same time that tucker had that conversation with me that i also write about in the book during which trumpet to a. he explained that trump told him that he understood that boat was crazy on, on ben is with feeling that if you listen to him on everything he would be in world war as 12, and 3. the issue is that like when it comes to israel, for example, in the united states policy isn't necessarily set according to the interests of

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americans or, or this country, but a small, special interest group, a lobby and the cuba venezuela exile lobby, which is very prevalent, profound in florida is extremely, is extremely powerful because florida is a state, but any us president and have to wait. and it's one of the major battleground states and, and the population. they're made up of people that have fled the revolutions in cuba and venezuela over the years and other other progressive governments across the region. they've settled in florida and they've created a base of influence where and this is their number one issue. they want to use essentially the u. s. government as muscle in order to regain power back in their own countries because they're the lead that were replaced by these revolutions. and that group is very powerful and the republican party and on the democratic side as

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well in florida. and so i can't maintain a lot of confidence that that or the presidents, regardless of any, not even joe biden has been willing to reverse this to decision and reverse the recognition of good. why know, even while engaging in direct talks with the venezuelan government because it is just a hot political issue, i actually just on hand by doing that. sorry to interrupt joan bolton's actually being on this show where he's at. he tried desperately to unsuccessfully to dissuade drum from having that meeting with the dora. i'm just going to quickly ask actually as well, aside from your book is uh what do you make of bolivia? because louisa was on this show and i was kind of surprised when present, the president of olivia didn't really respond to my questions about m a 6 and the reuters news agency and british involvement in the trying to destroy democracy. in bolivia, we will carry bolivia with us, you know, mobile phones, of course,

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with the lithium. even morales is now fighting with louisa even morales the, the inspiration behind the change in bolivia is that true vitamin behind it? that is what i've heard. that is what i have heard from my contacts on in bolivia and people that were very confused by how this to played out. what was it about 2 weeks ago now? it was a very short lived to i had someone tweeted at me that they had ordered a pizza and by the time it came out of the oven there, the crew was over. and yeah, it was that that was pretty much out played out. but i also wasn't surprised that it fizzled out so quickly because i was in bolivia in 2020 the end of 2020 in the midst of the last military actually qu, occupation. and there was a coo and 2019 that violently ousted able morales from power after he won re election. and the military linda was installed. that was, oh they,

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they loved to show their voice in the street the night before. and basically they tried to delay a vote, they initially said their military government was an interim government. but because the libyans across the country are actually armed and threatened to go on strike and push even toward a possible civil war without a vote, even that military event that was forced to hold an election. and that is how r as a one and came back into power. and so what i learned there is, aside from the politics, of course, that there's always been fighting and political parties, people struggling for a power and authority. and i see that some. but that is underway and in math right now, there is obviously tension between the hours a faction and the, the morales faction. but that what you can count on with bolivia is that the people are not going to tolerate a foreign back to or any,

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or is it shades of ecuador, like crew, promoted a protege like the lending moreno. it turned out to be as a, as a man i spoke to the president of bolivia. you don't, we don't know yet basically whether he's an asset or the by new ministration, or we don't know, but it's always tough. i suppose when you're dealing with the economist or financial actors in your administration, and that is, of course, with ours they was, he was the economy minister under morales. and sometimes those people are more connected to international finance or for an interest. then someone coming out of other ministries in the government, but we invited for the presidency to come back on the show in the book. you talk about um, very important music figure actually in my child. and he was a sign to sex pistols with his parents, money, richard branson, that made headlines all around the world version found richard branson with his bizarre concept. just to just tell me about the influence attempted

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influence of richard branson on trying to sponsor well if you read your book, i mean the the in effect he's, he's um helping to catalyze must of ation and death in venezuela. he yeah, he was the cultural element in this corporate cool. this was in february of 2019, just a month after the trump administration announced its recognition of why though the shadow government and venezuela and part of the threat that came down afterwards were for awhile. and i was in bed as well at the time, it seemed as actual as if actual war between us and venezuela could break out. because the united states, citing the humanitarian, made the current crisis in the country that the u. s. government had actually exacerbated through the sanctions policy and driven through a sanctions policy. and i think i make that case pretty clearly in the book why us sanctions and financial policy are to blame, prevent,

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as well as crisis. didn't prevent us from yes. turning around them, saying, because of the starting venezuelans, we're going to compile this humanitarian aid on the border in columbia. and because monroe is such an evil dictator, will not accept for an aid. not even from elliot abrams, the man known to have smuggled weapons to the sand that needs to, or i'm sorry to the contras during the, during the war against the sand. and he's doesn't nicaragua, through humanitarian aid shipments that was actually his strategy decades prior in the region. so monroe, such an evil dictator, he won't accept our age, so we're going to push it across the border with u. s. military equip the trucks. and this was a very tense time when the u. s. military had a presence all across venezuela's, a border with colombia. and it would have just ended there if not for richard

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brands. and he made it a much bigger cultural and international event by holding this concert in cooper ty, in one of the chorused regions of colombia actually, where people were quite me in need of humanitarian aid themselves. they just happen to be a us allies states. so nobody cares, and he can be in this massive a stadium or stage and paid for at major artist the from south america to perform their for well, i kind of say it was like a culture, a coach. how of, for the us is regional instruments. their tools, all of the us allied presidents in the region. and uh, louisa, i'm arrow then secretary general of the organization of american states all came to this concert and it got coverage and rolling stone and billboard magazine. and all of these newspapers, i probably would have paid no attention to the situation. venezuela, if not,

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if not for a some branson's asked there, but it didn't come without criticism. roger waters did a great job marketing brands. and at the time, basically saying this billionaire doesn't actually care about anybody, he's just essentially acting as a tool of us and to trans atlantic, gemini and well hire there. the book is role of uh, bizarre luis, um i grew uh as you say, who for round door in minnesota strange turned around to me show by chalet, a hero during the us back dictatorship. in chile, strange turnarounds. we don't really understand why the culpability run in your book is between bar as johnson moody's agency, univision, the mouth pieces and cnn, bbc royces, wall street journal bloom, but yeah, usually people have to read the book doesn't all is, but i just wanna find the say why you say in the book that who attends related move to save the people that don't yet, with somehow decisive in saving venezuela's wouldn't uh, to the war in your,

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of costing hundreds of thousands of ukrainians got to do with the saving of lives in venezuela. it is, this is a, a very clear illustration of the follies of us imperial over confidence because under trust in order to pressure the venezuelan people into recognizing a shadow government that the us, it installed a good one. why know, at trump actually band the sale of venezuelan oil and us markets and this was a relationship that has gone back almost a century since the discovery of it as well an oil. we've had entire pipelines and an infrastructure built oil refineries here in order to pump as well an oil in to us gas stations. and at the time, venezuela was supplying roughly 7 percent of us oil imports. and over night, when that band came down, russia's say a share of the us,

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oil in port market jumped 7 percent. and i show that graph in my book, it's inverse. so the suggestion there to me is that russia was perhaps buying the venezuelan oil and selling it back to us, which is a ridiculous example of how our policy fails. but even if they weren't, they were selling us about 10 percent of our imports went by and joe biden came along and decided in 2022 after the the special military operations was launched in, in ukraine. that a hey, then trump the, i'm sorry, bite and decided to issue his own embargo of oil this time against russia. and so we've been just a few years. the u. s. government had cut off its itself and i said, that's why i argued distinctions are basically sanctions on us citizens because it just resulted in our oil prices skyrocketing,

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which can result in inflation all over because oil prices dictates the price of everything. and so buying and panicked and actually went onto venezuela, sent a team there to begin direct talks with them. i drove government. and as i said, even though they haven't reversed the decision to recognize a fake government in venezuela, they did begin using some sanctions, which now they slap back when they, when they feel like it for political reasons. well that's, that's something to watch out for anyway that negotiations on wednesday we'll have to have you back is the story continues that influences perhaps of november's election, who knows any power bill. thank you. thank you action. and that's it for the show of continued condolences to those very by you k u. s. u, i'm genocide will be back with a brand new episode on saturday until then keep in touch by with that social media . if it's not sensitive, we will country and have to our channel going under mtv, on the com to watch new and old episodes of going on the guns. he's up in the

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the the

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the hello and welcome to cross night boulevard time. peter lavelle here, we discussed some real news, giving peace a chance. and ukraine white us taking this position in rage, members of the european union, also the u. k. labor party studying victory at the polls. or maybe it wasn't so stunning to discuss these issues and more. i'm joined by my guess door to send me while we in budapest, he is a pod cast where the guy go, which means on youtube and locals. and in mirror attached we have martin j. hughes . and award winning, journalist and commentator. quite a gentleman cross that girls and the fact that means you can jump any time you want and i would appreciate it. okay, let's kick this off with george in budapest and.

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