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Drift Hunters
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Table of Contents

  • What is Drift Hunters?
  • A Comparison: Drift Hunters vs. Drift Hunters 2
  • How to Drift Like Master?
    • Choosing the Right Car
    • Understanding Tuning
    • Tuning Tips for Drifting
    • Initiating the Drift
    • Maintaining the Drift
    • Spinning Out: Why it Happens?
  • The Best Tracks
  • The Hardest Tracks
  • Cheats and Money Hacks
    • Drift Hunters 2 Infinite Money Cheat
    • Drift Hunters Wall Tap Glitch
  • Conclusion

Can you smell burning rubber? Hear the tires squeezing? Feel the dizziness as you spin out? Does it give you a dry mouth, too?

We're not on a roller coaster here. We're talking about drifting – more than just a sport, it's a full-body experience.

If you're reading this, you're probably a fan of the high-speed excitement that drifting brings. Whether you're looking to improve your drifting skills, choosing the right car for drifting, how to tune a vehicle and exploring cheats, you're in the right place.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the first Drift Hunters to its sequel, Drift Hunters 2. We'll cover tuning, garage options, maps, and menu improvements.

We'll also help you understand how tuning works and how to initiate and maintain a drift. Keep in mind that the technical information is applicable not just to Drift Hunters but also to most drift games online.

It has been almost 2 years since Drift Hunters - the first game of the sequel - was initially published. The game is played and loved by thousands of drift enthusiasts. We wouldn't be wrong if we dared to say that Drift Hunters is the best drifting game online ever. We are going to explain the reasons here on this page, but first, let's get you acquainted with the Drift Hunters.

What is Drift Hunters?

Drift Hunters is a 3D driving simulator built in Unity Web-GL. The creator, Ilya Kaminetsky, spent hours coding the details, physics and maps. The game outshines all other online drifting games with its vast number of preferences on cars, maps, tuning options and player preferences.

The game got so popular that it became a pioneer for the whole new game sequel, which brings us to the second game. Being at least as enjoyable as the first game, Drift Hunters 2 offers better graphics and physics, as well as in-depth tuning and customization options.

Both games are equally perfect, but there are some distinctions between them:

A Comparison: Drift Hunters vs. Drift Hunters 2

After playing these two games for hours, we have noticed some improvements in the Drift Hunters 2.

  • Tuning: The most remarkable change in the second game definitely lies in the tuning options. In the new game, players are able to see how much the car's performance will improve after a certain upgrade. Knowing what you pay for is important in both the real life and the gaming world. This feature not only brings transparency to the game mechanics but also helps players decide which upgrade to choose.
  • Garage Options:The first game lacks the performance details of cars in the garage. In Drift Hunters 2, this problem seems to be solved by providing brief info on each car in the car. Players can view a car's horsepower, max speed, weight, score multiplier and price in the second game, while the first game uses only price as a performance indicator.
  • Maps:There has been quite a change in the maps. In Drift Hunters 2, tracks are furnished and richened with hills, forests, and road signs. On the downside, it is not possible to see a plan for the track anymore.
  • Main Menu:The main menu has been improved to a more visually appealing and easy-to-navigate style.
  • To conclude, Drift Hunters 2 qualifies with the number of improvements made in tuning, garage, maps and menu. Even though the second game of the sequel gets ahead of the first one in terms of graphics and details, some gamers may stick to the classics.

So, we leave the choice to you! You can play both games on OnlineGames.io for free!

Choosing the game is not enough for avid drifters. If you need more insight on choosing the right car, learning how tuning works, how to perform combos and activate cheats in Drift Hunters games, keep reading. We've got you covered!

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How to Drift Like Master?

Drifting is an extreme sport that has a myriad of variables to consider while performing. We give you all the information as simply as possible, excluding unnecessary details and confusing terms.

Let's start! The equipment you need to have is a car, a suitable track, and knowledge of how to initiate a drift and how to exit. But without the right car, things may not go as you wish. So, choosing the right car is a good place to start.

Choosing the Right Car

We know that glossy SUVs may appeal to you in the garage, and you can always choose and experiment with them. However, equipping yourself with the most suitable car for drifting goes beyond the design of the vehicle. Before hitting the road, you should consider 3 main facets: engine power, weight and speed.

  • Power: A powerful car will accelerate quickly, helping you achieve the minimum speed for drifting easily. Additionally, it is easy to balance the car, turning bends at high speed if you are driving a car with high horsepower.
  • Weight:As drifting is all about intentionally oversteering and losing traction, you need a lightweight car. These cars are easy to control since they need less energy to accelerate or decelerate. When power is taken constant, lighter cars are able to slide on the asphalt more. So, do you still want that Mustang weighing 1.7 tons?
  • Max Speed:Both for initiating the drift and maintaining it, you will need a certain level of speed. Of course, you can drift at any speed over 40 mph, but it will not last like the one you performed at 140 mph.

If you understand how these facets work, now it's time to choose your car. You can see the list of vehicles in Drift Hunters 2, including engine power, weight, top speed, and price details. For those interested in multiplying their scores to save up cash in the game, we also included car score multipliers.

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Show/Hide Cars Table

CarModelScore MPPower (hp)Weight (kg)Max Speed (km/h)Price
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (5)AE861200 hp995 kg190 km/hFree
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (6)S30Z1215 hp1075 kg210 km/h$12000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (7)S131.2235 hp1270 kg210 km/h$15000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (8)E301.2240 hp1310 kg240 km/h$16500
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (9)GR1.3262 hp1460 kg250 km/h$18500
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (10)EVO1.4262 hp1500 kg250 km/h$19000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (11)E361.5270 hp1320 kg250 km/h$20000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (12)861.6275 hp1265 kg240 km/h$23000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (13)s20001.7280 hp1240 kg255 km/h$20000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (14)S141.8290 hp1370 kg250 km/h$27500
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (15)E461.9290 hp1340 kg260 km/h$30000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (16)S152301 hp1340 kg255 km/h$32500
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (17)G352.1300 hp1480 kg255 km/h$36000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (18)FD32.1301 hp1345 kg260 km/h$40000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (19)FRS2.1[274 hp1150 kg240 km/h$43000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (20)Z3702.2330 hp1420 kg260 km/h$45000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (21)JZ902.3373 hp1520 kg260 km/h$50000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (22)E822.3390 hp1570 kg260 km/h$57500
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (23)CLA2.4390 hp1520 kg250 km/h$65000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (24)GS2.4400 hp1700 kg265 km/h$75000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (25)R342.5399 hp1500 kg260 km/h$80000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (26)GT5002.5500 hp1710 kg260 km/h$90000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (27)SXT2.5550 hp1650 kg270 km/h$95000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (28)F822.8485 hp1530 kg260 km/h$115000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (29)R353506 hp1680 kg270 km/h$120000
Full Guide: Drift Hunters (30)9933440 hp1300 kg270 km/h$143000

Understanding Tuning

  • Front Offset: This refers to the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the mounting surface. Increasing the front offset - moving the wheels outward - can enhance stability. A higher front offset improves the car's grip and prevents spinning out.
  • Rear Offset: Adjusting the rear offset affects how the rear tires grip the road. Increasing the rear offset can add more traction to the rear wheels, helping you to control the slide. So, if you decrease both offsets, your car will drift in a crazy way, and you will have a hard time exiting. If you'd like to slide without crashing every so often, experiment with these configurations to find your ideal settings.
  • Camber: This one is a bit mind-twister. Camber is the angle at which the wheels are tilted relative to the vertical axis. Imagine looking at your car from the front or back. Camber is the tilt of the wheels either inward or outward. In drifting, a negative camber is usually preferred. The top of the wheels tilts inwards, and this helps distribute the load more evenly across the wheels.
  • Height: Distance between the ground and the trunk of the car. Lowering the car's height lowers its center of gravity, making it more stable. So you might want to increase the height to drift easily and earn wall tap bonuses.

Tuning Tips for Drifting

  • Experiment with different settings to find the right balance. Remember, it's always a trade-off between stability and agility. We'll give you the tuning tips as simple as possible
    • Front Offset: Decrease it for more stability, increase it for more agility
    • Rear Offset: Decrease it for more stability, increase it for more agility
    • Camber: Decrease it for more agility, increase it for more stability
    • Height: Decrease it for more stability, increase it for more agility
  • Fine-tune these settings based on the specific characteristics of each car and track. Some tracks may benefit from more stability, while others may require a more agile setup. Some cars need more tuning adjustments than others.
  • While tuning, remember to upgrade your parts, such as the engine, turbo, suspension, gearbox and brakes. Spend money on good quality pro drifter parts, and you'll regret it on the road!

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Initiating the Drift

Now that you've chosen your car, tuned its settings, picked the map and are ready to hit the track in Drift Hunters. This is where the real fun begins, and mastering initiation is key to pulling off controlled drifts.

  1. Approach the Turn: Keep your speed over 40 mph. Before entering a turn, adjust your speed based on the upcoming curve. Drifting requires a balance between speed and control.
  2. Transfer Weight: As you approach the turn, shift the car's weight to the rear by lifting off the throttle. But what is weight transfer? When you press the brakes hard in your car, you'll notice that vehicle's front goes down while the back goes up. This happens because the weight of the car moves forward, making the back lighter. This can cause the back to lose traction and become unstable. However, during the initiation procedure, this loss of traction is vital.
  3. Brake or E-Brake: You can use a clutch kick to transfer the weight. There is another technique (less favored) called "E-Brake." An e-brake is a method by which the driver pulls the handbrake to lock the rear wheels. This sudden loss of traction initiates the slide.
  4. Counter-Steer: As the rear of the car begins to slide, counter-steer by turning the wheels in the direction of the slide. This helps maintain control and prevent the car from spinning out.
  5. Keep Gear Low: We mentioned how engine power contributes to drifting. With that in mind, lower gears provide more engine power. This extra power helps you easily break traction, making it simpler to slide around. Especially when using a less powerful car such as AE86 or S30Z, keep the gear low to control the car more precisely.

Maintaining the Drift for Combos

You have initiated the drift but just lost your streak on a straight road? Use the Manji technique. Manji is a Japanese drifting technique where the driver steers the car back and forth quickly. It's like smoothly swaying your car's tail left and right, creating a cool snake pattern on the road. You might recall Manji from the famous Tokyo Drift movie scenes.

When you exit the curve and see the long, straight road, applying this method to score ultimate combos on drifting might be necessary. Manji will bring you lots of cash in Drift Hunters.

Spinning Out: Why it Happens?

When you give your car too much gas (or go too fast into a turn), the wheels can lose their grip on the road. If your car loses traction, it might start to spin uncontrollably. Your tires can't keep up with the speed or the power, and the car starts turning more than you want it to. This is called Spinning Out.

Spinning out sounds fun, but this is an unwanted situation and causes crashes. After all, drifting should be controlled chaos, right? If you'd like to prevent spinning out, avoid oversteering, and configure your tuning settings again to have more balance.

The Best Tracks to Begin with

You may think that you need sharp bends and tight turns on a track for drifting. But that's not the case. A narrower track requires much more control and stability since you can crash into guardrails. Crashes will slow you down and break your combos.

So, it's better to start with playground tracks where you have wide open spaces. Before diving into the curvy roads, you can perform first gear donuts on these maps. Here are the two best tracks for beginner drifters from each game.

  • City:This one is from the first game, Drift Hunters. City map is perfect for improve drifting skills. With a lot of open space and long roads, no need to worry about potential crashes.
  • Countryside:Gorgeous landscapes and wide open roads. The Countryside is all yours in Drift Hunters 2. There is no traffic to break your streaks.

The Hardest Tracks: Professionals Only

As you can imagine, the hardest roads are tight and curvy ones. Japans call these tracks touge, why don't we? Here is the touge track with lots of challenging turns.

  • Akagi:This is the most difficult map for most drivers to slide controllably. Sharp S turns and steep slopes make it even harder to control the car and maintain drifting. You can access this map on only Drift Hunters 2.

Cheats and Money Hacks

Here is an insider confession: there are ways to use cheats in Drift Hunters. We will begin with the infinite money cheat on Drift Hunters 2.

Drift Hunters 2 Infinite Money Cheat

This money hack will give you 1,000,000 cash every time you use the cheat. This simply makes all the cars and tuning options available with just a few clicks. To activate the money hack

  1. Open Drift Hunters 2.
  2. Go to Settings Menu.
  3. Switch between gearboxes repeatedly.
  4. Go back to the main menu to see your account. You are welcome!
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Drift Hunters Wall Tap Glitch

This one is more of a glitch than a hack.

To earn absurd amounts of money in Drift Hunters using the wall tap glitch. To do that:

  1. Open Drift Hunters.
  2. Choose the Honda S2000 and adjust the tuning settings as shown in the picture.
  3. Enter the city map and drive through out of town.
  4. When you reach the end of the map, start drifting and earn an incredible amount of wall tap bonuses randomly.
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With tips on picking the perfect car, mastering drifting, and a few sneaky cheats, Drift Hunters is a fun journey of speed and skill. So, get ready, hit the virtual tracks, and perform epic combos! If you'd like to take a look at other free online speed games, OnlineGames.io is beside you! Have fun!

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Full Guide: Drift Hunters (2024)
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