Farmers And Merchants Bank Broadway Va (2024)

1. Banks in Broadway, Virginia | F&M Bank

  • Call or visit our Broadway location on Rt. 259 for all your personal or business banking needs!

2. F&M Bank - That's My Bank!

  • Online Banking · Farmers & Merchants Bank · Waynesboro, VA · Savings and CDs

  • Since 1908, F&M Bank has been dedicated to the people and businesses of the Shenandoah Valley.

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4. F&M Bank Broadway - Broadway, VA - Nextdoor

  • F&M Bank Broadway in Broadway, VA. Farmers & Merchants Bank is proud to be your Local, Community Bank. The bank was chartered in 1908.

F&M Bank Broadway - Broadway, VA - Nextdoor

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6. [PDF] History: One story at a time - F&M Bank and Trust Company

  • F&M Bank's location at 212-214 Broadway, late 1950s or early 1960s. Steve ... minister in pioneer Virginia, and George A. Hawes, 37, a mid 1830s ...

7. Farmers & Merchants State Bank: Personal & Business Banking

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  • Offering both personal and business banking and lending solutions.

8. Welcome to F&M Bank | Farmers & Merchants

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  • F&M Bank serves all your banking needs, from basic checking to high-yield savings accounts and business CDs, mortgage loans to business loans and more.

Farmers And Merchants Bank Broadway Va (2024)
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